Connectivity Restored

Tuesday-Wednesday. Were we glad when we finally got a cell signal after days of being off-line? In a way, yes, but also no. The easy cool morning process of folding the trailer down, a side visit to a little museum in Longmire, a drive down toward Ohanepecosh and a stroll in the Grove of the Patriarchs there–all of these pleasures capped 3 days without a ringtone or alert, and no viewing of mail. Nice, actually. Afternoon at White River Entrance, on the road to Sunrise Area of the park, the phone lit up like a resuscitated electrical demon. It bore good things, yes, like notes from the kids and notices of Elly nominations. Then it immediately sucked away 30 minutes of our lives, thumb typing into our glass slates.

The road to Sunrise reminded us of Colorado’s Trail Ridge Road with viewpoints that seemed equal height to distant peaks. Cascade ranges are darker than the Sierras, full of darker lavas, pointed peaks, green matting on the soil up to the ridge lines. Fields of lupine, stinging sun and thin air.

The best connectivity is human, and that was our blessing with Jeff and Dave on Tue eve and Wednesday. Yes the visit provided the practicals: a trip to get new brakes on the Santa Fe, a run to the bank and Fred Meyer, but the main deal was time with them: Lollipop steaks Tue night, chowder and salmon Wed night (at iconic Ivar’s on the waterfront), a ride on the Seattle wheel, time to chat, drink Chard, laugh and rest …



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