A Quieter Paradise

On Mondays there are fewer people in Paradise. It’s as if the volume was halved, not only in numbers but in sheer noise and bother. I had a pre-dawn 3-mile hike to Longmire, just me and my thoughts. Nancy and I found a 2.5 mile hike to glacial-cirque-nestled lakes in the Tatoosh Range south of Rainier, which we took at noon. Here were Cascade beauties, lakes and meadows, that may be overlooked because the behemoth mountain bullies for top attraction. And when you look back over at Rainier again, which you must, he is now far away enough to be appreciated fully without having to crane your neck. The afternoon was tired, big chairs in the visitor center and a cold beer, kids (like me) pushing buttons on museum relief maps to make the little lights go on. We visit Narada Falls and head for home, nap, dinner and a fire.



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