Adventures In Mileage

Interstates are the dues you pay to get from here to there. They can also make you want to toss away your 70’s-era poster about how it’s the journey, not the destination. No, with I-5 it’s definitely a matter of the terminus. I concede that it gives better pleasures north of Redding than south. Maybe I’m tired–after all, the Siskiyous and Grants Pass were nice. Still, we rest tonight in a little WA State Park just north of Portland, tuckered out from rolling on asphalt ribbons through hazy valleys, almost considering that, for the trouble, we nearly deserve Rainier as much as anticipate her.

487 miles. 11 hours. Coffee in Dunsmuir, a sleepy burg (who lives in those little old homes?), lunch in Grants Pass at Black Bear Diner, Portland freeways jammed at 5pm, got off to stock up on perishables at Fred Meyer, crossed the Columbia. Paradise Point is an ok overnight, only issue is that I-5 white-noise is over the camp, a bad sub for forest sounds. But still ok- pull in, pop up, good night.



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